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Moving out Hours

Hall A, B & and the Galley

11 February 17:00-00:00
12-13 February 07:00-16:00

Hall C & Greenhouse
11 February 17:00-00:00
(the elevator in Hall C can be used between 17:00-20:00)
12 February 07:00-16:00


Things to consider when moving out

You can begin to pack your stand as soon as the event closes. Stay within the stand area the first half hour and do not block the aisles. Your empty packaging and stored goods will be delivered to your stand when the aisle carpets have been removed and the trucks can drive around.  Event halls are open for moving out until midnight on the first evening. During moving out, it is forbidden consume alcohol on the premises.

When you are finished packing your stand follow the instructions from our staff to load your vehicle at the ports in the Hall A, B or C. Be sure to label the goods to be picked up by the transport company. Goods that are left will be charged according to the price list.

The stand must be left in the same condition as when you were admitted. For us at the Stockholmsmässan, it is obvious to contribute to a more sustainable world. Sort and throw your waste in the environmental stations, which are in the halls and at the loading ports.