The Nude Edition - 2021

The Nude Edition

A scaled-down fair concept with a strong focus on sustainability and solidarity at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2021

How do you plan for an upcoming fair when the world looks the way it does right now? 2020 will undoubtedly go down in history as a trying year for the majority of us, regardless of who you are and where you are in the world. No one knows how 2021 will be either, but those of us working with Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair are convinced of one thing: If there is a time that we need to roll up our sleeves together and do what is best for the industry and our common future, that time is now.

Soon, many of you will hopefully go on a much-needed holiday but before then we would like to take the opportunity to present a big initiative that we have decided to take regarding Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2021. We call it The Nude Edition and it is a concept that has developed in close cooperation with the industry through TMF (The Swedish Federation of Wood and Furniture Industry).

2021 will not be a normal year. Many companies have already been hit hard financially by Covid-19 and its different effects on society. For the upcoming edition of the fair we therefore ask that all exhibitors think about scaling down when it comes to stands and stand construction. We urge everyone to take a break from building large-scale, temporary constructions that cannot be reused. This is what we call The Nude Edition.
The Nude Edition is a scaled-down exhibit concept with a focus on sustainability, whereby we present a limited number of stand solutions for exhibiting companies to choose from. The basis for this concept is something that Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair is known for – open stand solutions. There will be more uniformity in the halls but with variations and a focus on the products. To simplify the process, there will be rules regarding what can be built and how. The focus is on cutting costs for exhibitors, while at the same time reducing the risk of having materials and products thrown away after the fair. Our sincere purpose with The Nude Edition is to support the industry. Many are going to have a tough time financially and we want to show solidarity.

At the end of August we will be back with more detailed information with examples and visualisations regarding how this might look, as well as how it will be implemented. As always, you will be able to choose between hiring an external stand builder or making use of our resources. 

Our ambition is that The Nude Edition will be reflected throughout the entire Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2021 so that more companies will be able to exhibit, despite Covid-19. 

“We are a problem-solving company and have built simple stands for many years where the products speak for themselves. Now the industry is facing a huge problem that can jeopardise the entire interior design industry and our most important marketing platform, Stockholmsmässan, but this can be solved with simplicity and solidarity,” says Johan Lindau, Blå Station.

In addition to The Nude Edition, we are also investing in the digitalisation of certain parts of the fair to support and supplement the physical meeting place. This is an investment that we had previously planned for irrespective of Covid-19. Now, the demand is greater than ever as people risk not being able to get to Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2021, at the same time as we all want to continue reaching out to our industry with what’s happening at the fair.

We are really fired up and looking forward to telling you more about this concept in August. We are of course curious to hear your thoughts on The Nude Edition. Please contact or +46 70 789 429. If you have not yet registered, you can also do so at this address.  

We wish you a very nice summer with time for relaxation!

The Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair team,

Cecilia, Jennifer, Kristian, Sanna and Sara