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Smart sitting - beneficial effects of upright sitting

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Speaker: Anna-Lisa Osvalder - Professor and researcher in Human Machine Systems, senior lecturer in Ergonomics at Chalmers University of Technology, Gotenburg, Sweden
Language: English

We all sit in different ways and postures, in various types of chairs, and time intervals. But what is ergonomically sustainable sitting behaviour to stay physically and mentally fit during a working life? Can our sitting position affect our alertness, level of stress and/or level of confidence in any way? Are there connections between how we sit and how well we perform? The answers are of great interest for furniture designers and businesses. The presentation shows recent research in the area of upright sitting postures and effects on user’s health and performance. It deals with the definitions of what an upright sitting posture is, as well as factors that enhance users to sit upright and how duration of the posture is affecting the user. It also reviews how an upright posture affects users' physical and mental condition

K12 - SD&AT