Epilogue - A Love Story

The Epilogue begins where one story ends. It acts as a portal to an unknown future. 

We step into it, with utopia on ours minds and utopia in our hearts.

This is a story about love and care, in a time when making design that last is put at the forefront of every collaboration. 

Six short dialogues guiding us into the future of making, including 12 voices telling individual stories about a collaborative design process.

Beckmans College of Design in collaboration with Abstracta, Johanson Design, Kinnarps, Källemo, Mitab, and Storängen 


Designer: Alice Hägglund, Frida Fröderberg, Louise Sandström, Mika Lindblad, Jessica Westerberg, Kourosh Hemmatara, Joakim Zickert, Rasmus Steyner Randén, Sofie Johansson, Ronja Reuber, Tilde Ullberg, Sinar Alexis

Moderator: Lia Forslund, Design Strategist

Language: English