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Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

Trend Exhibition 2015/16 - Shifting borders

The task of designing the Trend Exhibition 2015/16 has been given to designer Johanna Asshoff, Sweden; color expert Dagny Thurmann-Hoelseth, Norway; trend expert Stefan Nilsson, Sweden and interior stylist Lene Ostenfeldt, Denmark. They have been invited to design spaces that could be found both in the home and in public places: a hotel lobby, lunch room, home office and bedroom.

The Lunchroom – slow motion
Johanna Asshoff’s lunchroom is bright and uncluttered, with large, clean surfaces that create a clear space and leave room for the small details. In the design, she uses mainly natural materials, with green plants and luscious shapes embracing those entering the room.

The Bedroom – Scandinavian maximalism
Color expert Dagny Thurmann-Hoelseth’s bedroom highlights “Scandinavian maximalism”, a style characterized by more relaxed and informal standards than those of Scandinavian minimalism. There is a greater range in the use of colors. It is a mix of different idioms – expensive and cheap, with a focus on the Scandinavian – of both classic and contemporary design.

The Home Office – new simplicity
In an era of flexible working hours and diverse work environments, trend expert Stefan Nilsson creates a home office focused on relaxation and beauty, but also efficiency. Among the most important trends of 2015 are “reduction" and "new simplicity".

The Hotel Lobby – luxury and grandeur
Lene Ostenfeldt’s hotel lobby is in a relaxed space where you can chill out, wait, read, work, enjoy a drink or a cup of coffee, just be yourself or socialize – and meet new people.