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Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

Trend Exhibition 2014/2015

Pure classics, Secret garden, Natural elements and Aqua marine - Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair has picked out key interior trends for 2014 and 2015 with the help of designer and trend expert Jan Rundgren.

Pure classics
The impersonal style so prevalent in recent years is finally on its way out. The anonymous hotel room feeling or ‘lounge style’ that’s been so dominant in interior contexts has given way to an elegant and sophisticated style with far more individuality – Pure classics.

Secret garden
Green spaces are inspiring next season’s color map. Bright, floral, vibrant colors teamed with fresh shades of green, and preferably combined with white and other neutral colors. Secret garden is a combination of rustic retro and contemporary romantic; second hand is a huge source of inspiration that can be mixed with contemporary furniture for an individualistic look.

Natural elements
The natural world is one of the greatest influences on the coming season. Inspiration comes from the Nordic landscape with its endless vistas. Natural materials, such as stone, wood and glass, dominate this style. Natural elements, represents a contemporary feeling in design and form, with natural materials in furniture and permanent fittings.

Aqua marine
Aqua marine is a style that updates the traditional maritime feeling. Living close to the sea is a dream for many people; the sea’s fantastic underwater world is a major source of inspiration. The classic marine style is being given a blue-green makeover.