Sydform Miniatures

Sydform Miniatures is a jury-judged furniture design exhibition where the furniture is on a scale of 1:5. The participating designers come from colleges and universities, particularly in Sweden and Denmark, with some of them already working professionally. 

This year’s Sydform Miniatures builds on the exhibition that premiered last year, and is intended to be an annual event.

Sydform is democratic, in that everyone is welcome to apply. It does not demand machines or a workshop. It is also ecological, uses minimal materials and is easy to move between exhibition spaces. Sydform’s current cooperation partners include Malmö University, the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University, TAU and the Danish Design School, and hopefully similar partnerships can be secured with mentors at universities and colleges across the rest of Sweden. 

During Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, all the visitors will be able to vote on the exhibition entries and the one with the most votes will win the Visitor’s Choice award, which includes a grant of SEK 5,000 and will be presented in Malmö later in the year.

Two grants worth SEK 10,000 will also be awarded during the exhibition’s launch party at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. The winners will be chosen by a jury comprising architect and designer Jonas Nordgren, designer Louise Hederström and Johan Lindau from Blå Station.