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SDAT Paolo Navone

Challenges for the future will be discussed at Stockholm Design & Architecture Talks 2019

Stockholm Design & Architecture Talks is the forum at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair for knowledge and in-depth learning and where people from the design and architecture industry across the world gather.

Now we´re doing SDAT for the 6th time in a row and during these years it has grown into the most influental and comprehensive platform for discussions about design and architecture in Scandinavia. The theme ”Challenges for the Future” aims to explore how design and architecture is expected to take part in solving social, political and sustainable challenges in a time of instability. How can designers be a part of the solution and what happens in these areas right know? Says Ulrika Kjellström Attar, Program Manager for Stockholm Design & Architecture Talks.

Stockholm Design & Architecture Talks has grown in significance since the talks first started, and today it is an important part of the fair. It is here that new thoughts and ideas are tested and questioned. The platform also offers knowledge about the most recent and most interesting projects as well as a forum for discussions with industry colleagues.

”Nowadays there is an increased expectation to be transparent and sustainable, and it´s easier now than ever to reach new consumers while competing on a global market. Interior and design is still in focus but there is also a demand for an experience-based konsumtion, where millenials value experience and fellowship over home and possessions. It´s an exciting time to be a designer and the role is expanded in many ways”, says Ulrika Kjellström Attar, program manager for Stockholm Design & Architecture Talks.

One step in the continued development of Stockholm Design & Architecture Talks is also that Mark Isitt, one of Sweden's most knowledgeable architecture writers, will hold five exclusive program points with a focus on architecture.

“We will discuss topics that are highly relevant; we won’t avoid difficult topics but rather also touch on things that are slightly uncomfortable. There will be five panel debates, each with a strict focus on Stockholm – from a narrow approach we will comment on the world since each debate will have one international architect,” says Mark Isitt.

Stockholm Design & Architecture Talks will be held all five days of the fair on the stage next to Design Bar in Victoria Hall. Invited guests and speakers will be presented during the fall.

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