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Carl Malmsten

Guest Exhibition: Carl Malmsten

Carl Malmsten (1888-1972) was one of the biggest cultural personalities of the 20th Century, and is an icon of Swedish interior design and design history. His public interiors in Ulriksdal Castle, Stockholm City Hall, Stockholm Concert Hall and the Supreme Court in the Bonde Palace are just a few examples of a significant cultural heritage. Carl Malmsten’s many items of furniture also formed the Swedish concept folkhemmet.

As the interest in Carl Malmsten has grown in recent years - not only in Sweden but also internationally - it is now time for a real reboot for the furniture maker, interior design architect, pedagogue and founder of a series of craft schools. A deep dive into the Carl Malmsten archive, which consists of more than 20,000 work sketches, drawings, photographs and textile samples, reveals cabinets, armchairs, tile tables, fabric and wallpaper patterns, and a swing sofa. All carefully crafted based on the designer’s original sketches. A piece of cultural heritage for our time.

Welcome to the world of Carl Malmsten!
Stand AG:49