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Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

Together in Camp Greenhouse

“Greenhouse is an exhibition hall but it’s also a gigantic meeting place. We’re fascinated by the phenomenon of people from all around the world coming and living design together for a few days. People talk about quality, color, design and materials, but often fail to draw attention to the social aspect. Wherever the participants come from, all of them have packed their bags, travelled here and settled down to spend a few intense days sharing the adventure,” says Johannes Carlström, Note Design Studio.

The aim is to create a social space, the perfect setting for interaction between designers, customers and the press. The environment in the Greenhouse will stimulate conversation, new ideas and projects. The design will include specially produced materials and a large tent, which will become the natural place to meet. The tent was designed in partnership with architects Nyréns Arkitektkontor. Note is also responsible for designing the Greenhouse exhibition, showcasing a selection of products that have been put into production in the past three years thanks to Greenhouse.