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Furniture from Greenhouse 2018

Kick-start your career at Greenhouse

Apply as an independent designer or a design group

1. Fill in the Application form.
2. Attach pictures/sketches and materialinformation of the products that you want to exhibit. Saved as a PDF, approx. 5 pages, 5 MB total.
3. Attach stand layout, how you would like to present your products in your stand.
4. Attach your CV
5. Email your application to: 

We have a jury who helps us with the selection process. Each of the following three criteria/key values provide a guiding framework for the jury’s work: curiosity, innovation and sustainability. There is no age limit for applications, but there is a limit on how many times you are allowed to exhibit in Greenhouse, which is a maximum of 3 times. If the product have been shown previously, please inform us where.
Ready-to-use stand - There are three different stand packages to choose from: 2x3, 3x3 and 4x3 m. See fees on the application form below. 
The following is included in the Greenhouse stand package for independent designers:
Walls – painted gray NCS S3502-G, 2,49 m high.
The partitions against the neighbor are half the depth of the stand. For example, if the stand 3m deep, the partition wall is 1.5 m.
Lighting - clamp spotlights will be attached to the walls. 6 sqm - 2 clampspots, 9 sqm - 3 clampspots, 12 sqm - 4 clampspots.
Electricity - One power socket, 230 volts, 10 amps, 2,000 watts.
Carpet – light gray

Fill in the Application form »

Apply to Greenhouse as a design school

Only schools with design, arts and crafts and architecture programs can exhibit. The program must be at the postsecondary level (after high school/Swedish gymnasium).

1. Fill in the Application form.
2. The purpose of your participation.
3. A brief presentation of what will be exhibited in the stand.
4. The number of students that will exhibit.
5. The program/course that plans to participate and its length (short description).
6. Preferably pictures from previous exhibitions as a school. If available, sketches/pictures from the ongoing course.
7. Email your application to:


The Greenhouse jury will assist us in the selection process. The jury will consider the purpose for the participation and what the students intend to exhibit. They will also review the number of schools and if necessary limit the number of participants, if there are more applicants than what we believe we can accommodate.

Back and partitioning walls towards your neighbor (249 cm high) are included in the stand rental price. 

We are looking forward to your applications!

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