Greenhouse header 2022

"Greenhouse is more important than ever"

The emerging talents platform Greenhouse has proved a critical starting point for many designers throughout the years - and its knowledgable jury, unique mentors program and Best Performance Award is adding yet another layer.

”Greenhouse is more relevant than ever considering the challenges humanity faces at present,” says Interior architect Marcia Harvey Isaksson, director and founder of Fiberspace Gallery in Stockholm. She is part of this years Greenhouse jury, selecting the exhibitors from applicants from all over the world. “I certainly hope that emerging talents use the platform to challenge the status quo and point to new possibilities. It is sometimes easier to question a way of doing things from outside the system, and unestablished designers have the opportunity to propose utopian ideas that can inform the work of industry.”
Designer and jury member Shane Schneck highlights the importance of lending support to young designers at the beginning of their career. “Its one of the most challenging industries out there. Less than 10% will stay in the profession,” he says. Schneck began his career at the Salone Satellite in Milano a long time ago, which like Greenhouse provides a critical starting point for young designers. “I really enjoy the dialogue in the jury work; discussing critical issues such as circularity, sustainable materials, diversity, and the taboo topic of “good design,” he says. 
The jury also pick which exhibiting Greenhouse designer that will receive the award Best Performance in collaboration with Volvo Studio and receive EUR 5,000. Presented for the first time in 2019, the award recognizes the product that best embodies the core values of Greenhouse: curiosity, innovation and sustainability. But the most valuable part is probably the unique Greenhouse mentors program. Each year five mentors with many years of experience in the industry select a protégé the first day of the fair. The mentor programme then runs for one year, with the mentor lending support and sharing important insights with its protege. 

The Greenhouse jury 2022 include Anya Sebton, Pye Aurell Ehrström, Jennifer Gröhn, Shane Schneck, Björn Florman and Marcia Harvey Isaksson.