Practical exhibitor queries

• Shall I pay the stand fee when sending in the application?
No. Payment is only relevant when you have been offered and accepted a participation.

• What is ExpoStart-fee and what is included?
ExpoStart is an obligatory fee that include that you as an independent designer/design group receives the following products/services: 

The stand design regarding walls, carpet and lighting is currently being reviewed and will be updated here shortly with what applies for Greenhouse 2023.
(Carpet and lighting does not apply for schools)

Power outlet: you will receive one electrical point 230 V, 10 A, max 2 000 W installed in your stand.
Storage of empty packaging
Goods handling
Stand cleaning before day one: 
Exhibition insurance
Company Profile Online 
Exhibitor card: 1 free exhibitor card / 2sqm stand space. 

• How can i lower the cost of participation?
You can reduce the cost of participation by opting out of Company Profile Online (SEK 1495). This implicates that you will not be searchable in the exhibitor list and the visitor will have a harder time finding your stand, or be able to find you prior or after the event. 

• I would like to hold a lecture/presentation, is that possible?
Please contact us at and we will investigate the possibility.

• I have a movie that I would like to share, i that possible? 
Please contact us at and we will investigate the possibility.

• How may I update my company name?
We can help you with that. Please contact us at and we will update accordingly.

• How do I update my Online Company Profile?
You log on to your account via the Exhibitors Portal which you’ll find here. Your username it the e-mail address that you used when registering/applying for a stand. 

• How do I import my products?
You can use ”temporary admission” – ATA carnet which mainly allows duty-free, temporary importation of goods for up to a year. Please visit to find information about what applies specifically for you.

• When can I send my products?
The products will be stored free of charge if they arrive 1 to 2 days before the official moving in-date. They will also be transported to your stand during the move in. Please contact the logistics department if you want more information -

• Where do I send my products/ what is the address?
Stockholmsmässan - Godsmottagning
Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair
Company name / Your name
Stand number
Parkeringsvägen 10
125 30 Älvsjö

• May I have personnel in my stand?
Yes. You are entitled to one exhibitor card / 2 sqm stand space. If you need more exhibitor cards, the cost is 240sek/card ex. VAT and they are ordered via your page in the Exhibitor Portal

• What color are the walls painted in?
The walls are painted in grey (NCS S3502-G). However, you are free to paint the walls in any color, but you are then responsible for restoring them. If you order painting as a service from Stockholmsmässan restoration is included in the cost.

• What color are the carpet on the floor?
The carpet that is included in your stand package is light grey. You may remove the carpet or put in your own. Eventservice can help you if you wish to purchase this service.

• Can I hang my luminaires?

Yes. If you need suspension with wires it is important that you order no later than January 5th, 2022. Eventservice also needs to get a dimensioned drawing of where these wires are to be placed, what is meant to be hung, what weight and at what height.

• How much weight can the walls handle?
Each wall module can handle a maximum weight of 5kg. If you intend to attach heavier shelves or need to make larger holes, you need to order a display wall. Eventservice can help you with this.

• Where are the electric sockets placed?
The position of the sockets is selectable. They are originally located on the floor but you can also get electricity from the ceiling at an additional cost. Eventservice can help you with this.


If you have a question that you did not find the answer to here, please send us an e-mail and we will help you!


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