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Q&A For exhibitors registered for Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2022

Q: Why are you postponing the fair?
A: Due to the spread of Covid-19 in world, not least in Europe. This means that many countries have severe restrictions in society as well as severe restrictions on travel, especially internationally.
Half of the exhibited area is represented by international exhibitors and the fair attracts visitors from over 100 countries around the world.
To enable our many foreign exhibitors and visitors to participate in the 2022 trade fair, Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair will therefore be moved to 6-9 sept, 2022.

Q:   What does the offer and conditions look like for a registered exhibitor now that the fair is postponed to a new date?
A:  If you have paid the registration fee (ExpoStart) and stand rent for Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, February 8-12, 2022, you are invited to carry over the paid registration fee (ExpoStart) and stand rent, and where possible, the same exhibit space location, and use it for your participation in Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, September 6-9, 2022. 
If you accept the above offer, you will also receive:
20% discount on Stockholmsmässan’s product range and technical services when attending Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, September 6-9, 2022. 
20% discount on stand rent for Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2023, when participation in Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 2023 is confirmed by September 30, 2022.

Q: How long is the offer valid for the me as an exhibitor already registered for February 2022? 
A: The offer is valid until February 15, 2022

Q: How do I confirm that I want to accept the offer?
A: Use this link.

Q: The new dates does not suit us. Do we get a refund?
A: Yes, you will be refunded for any stand rent, (not the Expostart application fee).

Q: I would like to be part of the fair in September, will it be the same location and layout that applies?
A:  We are aiming for a similar layout as planned. Our hope is that you will be able to have the same location, or a similar, stand location.

Q: How many visitors / press do we expect September 6-9 sept, 2022?
A: It’s of course impossible to predict but we will work hard to optimize the number of visitors and media representatives, and therefore we have chosen a new date. 

Q: What security measures / guidelines are in place for September?
A: We are constantly updating our health security measures according to the Government’s health policy and regulations applied in Sweden. Please see our webpage under “Safe meetings”.

Q: Will an exhibitor who has ordered technical services get the money back?
A: Yes, you do, as long as we have not started producing, which usually starts 10 days before the event.

Q: Will Greenhouse, the fair’s area for design schools and unestablished designers be a part of the fair in September?

A: Yes, Greenhouse and all other planned activities will be carried out as planned. 

Q: Will Stockholm Design Week be arranged in February?
A: Stockholm Design Week will be arranged by Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, Feb 7-13 as planned, according to current regulations and restrictions. And,Stockholm Design Week will be run in parallel with the fair in September as well. The app and the possibilities of digital visibility in connection with Stockholm Design Week, will be arranged as planned. See SDW website for offers.

Q: When will Stockholm Design & Architecture Talks be arranged?
A: In February the digital program will be broadcasted as planned. In September there will be Keynote speakers live at the fair.

Q: Will there be a press programme in February and September 2022?
A: Yes, there will be a press program in both February and September 2022.