Arranging Things Bazaar

Participate with products in this year’s Pop-up shop!

This year's Pop-up shop is being run under the banner Arranging Things Bazaar, and is being organized by Lisa Milberg and Leo Forssell from Arranging Things. It will be taking place in a new and exciting location in Victoriahallen, which is also home to concept restaurant Designbaren.

At Arranging Things Bazaaryou will be able to sell the new products you have produced for the season and visitors are offered access to a cool and personal design shop where the concepts of vintage and art are mixed with innovative Scandinavian design. This is an opportunity to test the demand for new products and use the event as an additional marketing channel.

PLEASE NOTE! If you want the chance to be represented at the bazaar, please email pictures of the products you want to promote, along with product information, price, etc. to info@arrangingthings.seand they will contact you nearer the date once they have made their selection.

Agreed products are to be dropped off and signed for at the Arranging Things Bazaar in Victoriahallen, VH01 (using the left entrance for the Designbar in the Victoria hall you find the bazaar directly to your right) on Monday, February 3 between 10am and 4pm.
- With the delivery, include a note stating the number of products and the sales price.
- The shop is open whilst the fair is open. 
- Arranging Things Bazaar will clearly indicate that, once purchased, products cannot be returned.
- Unsold products can be collected on Saturday February 8, between 5 pm and 8 pm. Products that are not collected are the responsibility of the exhibitor.
- A 50/50 commission applies to the sales price of each product. You then submit an invoice for what has been sold once you have received the sales list from Arranging Things. The sales list will be issued after the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair has closed.