Parking spaces_Stockholmsmässan


We have 3 000 parking spaces in our parking garage and in the parking lots surrounding the exhibition center.
Parking fee
Pay for your parking time with the app Betala P, EasyPark, SMS Park or Parkster. The area code can be found on signs located in the parking area. Download the app here  
- Parking garage: 60 SEK per hour or 170 SEK per day.
- Outdoor parking: 50 SEK per hour or 150 SEK per day.
Parking permits
We have 20 parking spaces near the entrance, reserved for those with parking permits. In total there are about 40 parking spaces reserved especially for the physically disabled with parking cards.
Charging stations for electric cars
Stockholmsmässan has 12 loading places in the C-hall garage. For charging cars, the cost is SEK 7/day and the area code is 113. The area code for  electric cars is 114 and the cost is SEK 20/day.
Stockholm Parkering has 8 public charging stations for electric cars at Älvsjö idrottsplats entrance parking, about 450 meters from Stockholmsmässan's main entrance. Charging is free, you only pay regular parking fee. The electricity that Stockholm Parkering provides is labelled with Good Environmental Choice and comes from renewable sources. For more information »

Parking spaces 
Click on the image below to get an overview of our parking spaces around the exhibition center.