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Mediterranean Lifestyle Revisited through Design

Hitta oss på kartan

Speaker: : EINA, University School of Design and Art of Barcelona (UAB)
Language: English

Design should consider what’s universal within the Mediterranean lifestyle and its savoir faire.


First of all, we think it is important to emphasize that The Mediterranean paradigm gathers together a wide range of traditions and cultures which are totally different; and it is not the same the way an artisan works in Egypt than the way a Catalan artisan does. We do not use the same ingredients to cook or the same materials to design.


But, somehow, there is in the depth of our mindsets something that makes us similar; perhaps it is because we live in the cradle of a classical cultural heritage.


As designers, we shall find the underlying Mediterranean communal traits– might be the climate and the relationship with naturality – and let each culture from all the Mediterranean area revisit them.

We see the Mediterranean as an ecosystem where fluxes and relationships dominate above the rigid structures–country boarders. (M. A. Roqué 2011).


Moreover, The Mediterranean local processes and natural materials are taking and important role in the global design scene, thanks to its ethical and conscious nature.


We see food as a ritual of sharing meals, time and create special bonds, so NYAM aims to be a project focused on the revision of the Mediterranean traits from the Catalan Design perspective.

C17:38 - The Greenhouse Stage