Born Classic Jury 2021

About Born Classic Award

Born Classic is a collaboration between Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair and the Bukowskis auction house. The award goes to a new item of furniture or lighting that is judged to be a potential design classic of the future. The objective is to recognize and encourage good, sustainable design. The jury, comprising three experts from the prestigious auction house, will nominate five products.

The expert jury members from Bukowskis are:

Björn Extergren: Head of Consignment & Sales Department, Fineart. Specialist Antique Furniture, Decorative Arts and Asian Ceramics.
Eva Seeman: Eva studied at Christie’s in London and has worked at Bukowskis since 1987 as a specialist in design and 20th century works of art. 
Jonatan Jahn: Jonatan works at Bukowskis as a specialist in design and 20th-21st century works of art and has extensive experience from MoMA in New York and Nationalmuseum in Stockholm.

Born Classic winner 2021

Puffy Lounge Chair

2021 year’s winner is the Puffy Lounge Chair, by the experimental and unconventional star of British design Faye Toogood, whose creative breadth ranges from interior design via furniture and ornaments to clothing. The Puffy Lounge Chair was designed for the Stockholm-based interior design brand Hem.

Jury’s statement:
“While the design of this year’s Born Classic winner is firmly rooted in our age, we believe the designer has created a future classic. With both aesthetic and material qualities, we are confident that this piece of furniture is going to be appreciated for a long time to come. This acclaimed armchair has already enjoyed a warm reception and been widely shared on social media, which is even more reason to think that this is a Born Classic.”

Puffy Lounge Chair


Tomorrow’s design classics

Nominees 2021


Faye Toogood “Puffy Lounge Chair”, Hem. 
Whether styling an alternative home office or standing as a solo piece in the living room, this is a chair with many qualities. Drawing on inspiration from Italian anti-design, Eileen Gray in the 1920s or not least Brazilian Percival Lafer’s puffed-up 1970s furniture, Toogood has managed to create an armchair whose aesthetic looks modern and inviting.



Pierre Sindre “Ono”, Källemo. 
With clear inspiration from Japan, but also from Gerrit Rietveld’s “Military Chair” and Sven Markelius’ “Orkesterstol”, Sindre has created a chair with refined lines and superbly elegant craftsmanship. The character of the chair also has a hint of John Kandell, who remains part of Källemo’s soul, which is what makes this chair a prime candidate.


Jenny Nordberg, “Accumulations”, Olsson & Gerthel. 
As auction specialists, we love the ambitious recycling process that led to this brilliant product. And now, through successful collaboration, the lamp is going into small-scale production in Sweden. This is a shining example of Nordberg’s thoughtful design process and how designers can nudge the design market towards more circular production. The result is a daring lamp that very much embodies the urgency of our times.



Johan Ansander, “Maximus”, Blå Station. 
First impressions catapult us back to the 1970s Italian design of figures such as Joe Colombo and Vico Magistretti, and perhaps even Finn Eero Aarnio’s “Pony”. The look of the chair suggests a cast synthetic material, which is why the lovingly crafted wood finish is such a surprise. As the name Maximus suggests, the armchair demands maximum wood crafting expertise and, with its locally produced materials and high-quality execution, the armchair is a popular new addition to Blå Station’s line.

Lammhults Corso

Peter Andersson, “Corso”, Lammhults. 
This is an updated version of Erich Dieckmann’s iconic Modernist seating. As admirers of the Functionalist aesthetic, we love the lines and look of “Corso”. Cleverly chosen materials, quality craftsmanship and Lammhults’ sustainability commitment all helped to secure the nomination.