Best Performance winner Nikolaj Thrane Carlsen

The winner of Best Performance 2019

 The prize Best Performance 2019 goes to Nikolaj Thrane Carlsen

”With a strong vision, aiming for lower environmental impact, incorporating it with a strong personal character through shapes, we are all convinced. The project is a perfect match to the jurys keys values; curiosity, innovation and sustainability. It is a reminder and a role model for all of us in the business and a perfect inspiration for upcoming new talents.”

Nikolaj Thrane Carlsen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Graduated in November 2017 from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture - KADK. Started the company " Tang Form", where he wants to help create the sustainable furniture of the future.

"I'm honored to have the opportunity to exhibit in Stockholm. I look forward to showing my sustainable furniture made from pliers along with other designers. I expect to be able create relationships, to be inspired, and to increase my knoledge of green materials and products. I hope to meet producers who will be interested in my work. One of my objects is a lounge chair with a shell made of 100% biodegradable seaweed composite material. It helps to draw attention to seaweed as a highly sustainable product material without compromising on  aesthetics and quality. Focus has been circular economy."

Best Performance selected by the Greenhouse jury

Best Performance – Selected by the Greenhouse Jury

In collaboration with Volvo Studio. Presented for the first time in 2019, the award recognizes the product that best embodies the core values of Greenhouse: curiosity, innovation and sustainability. The objective is to encourage the designers to think about the bigger picture and present their design in a well-thought-out manner. The winner will receive EUR 5,000.

The jury for Greenhouse 2020 consists of:

Jens Fager, Designer
Anya Sebton, Designer and Interior Architect
John Löfgren, Designer, Co-founder and Design Director, Form Us With Love
Pye Aurell Ehrström, Architect and Co-founder, Marge Architects
Björn Florman, Sustainability Expert, The Materials Library