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BEing Scandinavian

Embrace a new idea. Explore a different mindset.

Celebrate an innovation. Cherish a better tomorrow.

Find a good balance. Meet a northern spirit.

Welcome to Stockholm Furniture & Light fair


After almost two years of absence, we are finally ready to welcome visitors from all over the world to an optimized and experience-driven trade fair where Scandinavian design, and a strengthened focus on sustainability, will take centre stage. The theme for Stockholm furniture & Light fair 2022 is Being - with BEing Scandinavian as headliner. 

“With BEing Scandinavian we want to highlight our Scandinavian core values - deeply rooted in humanism, nature and a sustainable lifestyle - and use it as a springboard to discuss the most important topics in design and architecture today; how do we design for a better tomorrow? “ explains Hanna Nova Beatrice, Project Area Manager at Stockholm Furniture & Light fair.