INTO the Nordic Silence

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INTO Concept Oy is a Finnish company specializing in furniture and space solutions. Our mission is to be a pioneer in the development of the industry by offering modular POD space solutions and timeless furniture. Our INTO the Nordic Silence furniture concept has been created to improve disturbances in various open spaces due to the lack of support spaces. Our POD rooms can reduce the environmental load generated during construction and create more versatile and flexible spaces.

  • INTO the Nordic Silence

  • Office contract market
  • Furniture public environment
  • Corporate / Public space - office
  • Corporate / Public space - furniture interior

  • POD PHONE POD PHONE is a phone booth that improves privacy when taking phone calls in open spaces and office environments. Its insulating structure offers excellent acoustic protection from disruptive sounds.

  • POD 1 POD 1 is the number one choice for private phone calls and a workspace for tasks that demand focus.

  • POD 1GLASS POD 1 GLASS with a glass back wall is perfect for private phone calls or as a concentration workspace for one person. Even though this concentration workspace is a compact solution, its laminated sound control glass wall emits light inside and creates an airy space for visible creativity.

  • POD 2 POD 2 small meeting room is ideal for spontaneous but confidential meetings and as an adaptable workspace. POD 2 is ideal for 1-2 people and can be used even as 4 person meeting room for quick meetings.

  • POD 3 POD 3 chat room is optimal for small confidential meetings and video conferences.

  • POD 4 POD 4 meeting rooms are perfect for private or confidential meetings as well as adaptable workspaces.

  • TOP LIFT tables Our selection of TOP LIFT tables complement and support the INTO product family. Visually slender yet structurally steady adaptable side table solutions enable ergonomic and flexible work. With its adjustable base, the TOP LIFT adaptable side table makes it easy to change your working position.

  • POD ROLL GLASS POD ROLL GLASS is perfect for ad hoc meetings, work that needs focus, and as a space divider and added seating space. Due to its wheels, POD ROLL WITH DOOR can be easily moved and turned around within the premises.

INTO the Nordic Silence

Lemuntie 3-5 C 00510  Helsinki Finland