Editor's Choice Award

Editors´Choice Awards 2020

Vinnarna av Stockholm Furniture & Light Fairs pris Editors´ Choice 2020!

Rising Star

Lewis Power (England)
Stand: C04:41

Juryns motivering:
Lewis presented a small collection of simple but powerful pieces that reveal a talent for sculptural form and a welcome restraint. His interpretation of the material usually associated with cooking vessels is particularly inspiring

Best Stand

Vestre (Norway)
Stand: A06:13

Juryns motivering:

This stand takes sustainability to a new level. Not only can each element of the display be reused, what’s also compelling is that the brand has calculated the carbon footprint of every product.

Best Product

Massproduction (Sweden)
Stand: A07:21
Designer: Chris Martin

Juryns motivering:

A strong form with an unusual inspiration, this lightweight and versatile product makes good use of recycled materials while offering a playful take on a utilitarian object.