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valerie_objects is an antwerp-based design label initiated by axel van den bossche (ceo serax) and art director veerle wenes (owner of the valerie traan gallery, antwerp), combining their professional and personal tastes for all things good and beautiful.

by allowing designers, architects and artists to translate their signature style into tangible objects, valerie_objects has become an exceptional project with one clear mission: return aesthetic meaning to the tools and objects that we use every day. these are not hollow words. the project debuted by cracking the hardest nut that few design brands dare to take on: cutlery. maarten baas (nl), koichi futatsumata (jpn), muller van severen (be) and three others have reinterpreted these daily tools and showed that knifes, forks and spoons do not necessarily have to be shaped like classic silverware.

after the cutlery, different collaborations with these and other creators followed, such as the award-winning designer chris kabel (nl), the internationally acclaimed robbrecht en daem architecten (be), the surrealist artist d.d. trans (be) and the minimalist textile designers from thealfredcollection (be).

design duo muller van severen was one of the first to sign with valerie_objects and remains a very important partner today. the couple fien muller and hannes van severen are considered one of the most image-defining european design teams of today. their elegant objects appear to be conceived spontaneously and without effort.

although valerie_objects has outgrown its life as a side-project and has become a young but mature global design platform, the philosophy remains the same: presenting everyday tools and objects that have a unique appearance. it is this vision that recently led to collaborations with the fantastic studio wieki somers, the narrative designer maarten de ceulaer, the experimental sigve knutson and thomas ballouhey and the phenomenal nendo, world-famous for giving minimal design a ‘!’- twist.
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  • ASSEMBLE by destroyers/builders

    ASSEMBLE by destroyers/builders. The ASSEMBLE sofa designed by destroyers/builders encourages exactly what its name suggests: to assemble your own sofa. The asymmetrical cushions are assembled into different sofa-elements. There are single seaters to choose from, two-seaters, corner elements, poufs and side tables to play around with. This sofa was developed to be neither too firm, nor very soft. “This universal fit was a very important feature in my design process”, says Linde Freya Tangelder.

  • ETAGE by destroyers/builders

    ETAGE by destroyers/builders. Linde Freya Tangelder, the woman behind destroyers/builders, drew inspiration for ETAGE in the architecture of the Danish architect Per Kirkeby and the project "House V_H" of the Belgian agency Dhoore Vanweert. Constructions that show plenty of curvy structures and laterally cut surfaces. “Both the rear surface and the shelves follow a particular curve which ensures the allure of a skeletal frame. The frame of an organic sculpture. "
    ETAGE is available in 3 different sizes & different materials.

  • selfie mirror by studios wieki somers

    selfie mirror by studios wieki somers. With the Selfie mirror, Studio Wieki Somers once again captures the poetry of everyday rituals. Getting out of bed, checking your state in the mirror and choosing what clothes to wear. Simple and quite basic actions that will have an impact on your feelings for the rest of the day. That’s why we should honour this ritual, in the form of a mirror that doubles as a coat rack.

  • hanging lamps by muller van severen

    hanging lamps by muller van severen. Although most design lovers know of Muller Van Severen for their furniture, the design couple’s story actually kicked off with the conception of these hanging lamps. “It all started out of necessity”, Hannes explains. “We were working in our new home which is an old house. Above the table there wasn’t a socket in the ceiling to stick a lightbulb in, so we designed a lamp that could hang from the wall”.

  • ceiling lamps by muller van severen

    ceiling lamps by muller van severen. Together with the hanging lamps, these ceiling lamps are the first design objects Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen created as a design duo back in 2011. They presented the objects during a solo exhibition at Valerie Traan, the gallery of valerie_objects’ art director. The lamps appear to be almost naive drawings materialized in the air, adding a playful line of color to the space. The design is utterly simple, consisting of nothing more than a bended and lackered steel tube.

  • standing lamps by muller van severen

    standing lamps by muller van severen. The standing lamp is a continuation of the hanging lamp that we presented during our very first exhibition, which was held at Valerie Traan, the gallery of Valerie Objects’ art director Veerle Wenes”, says Fien. Indeed, these lamps originate from the same concept, which is the materialization of simple and colorful drawings in the space of the interior. Similar to the hanging lamp, this standing lamp consists of practically nothing more than one fluent, curved line with a bulb stuck on the end.

  • rocking chair by muller van severen

    rocking chair by muller van severen. There aren’t a lot of designers who invest their time in creating a rocking chair. Most creators overlook it, labeling it is quirky and redundant. Hannes thinks exactly the opposite. “I’ve always been intrigued by rocking chairs”, he says. “I used to have one here at home, near the fire place: a kid’s version where I hardly fitted in. I would sit in it a lot. I don’t know why, I guess the swinging movement of it reminds me of my childhood.

  • solo seat by muller van severen

    solo seat by muller van severen. This solo seat is a core version of the famous duo seat that Muller Van Severen presented in 2012 during their break-through show at Interieur Kortrijk. The basic concept remains the same: creating a seat that consists of nothing more than a cloth and a steel frame. The cloth is made from bleak leather that ages beautifully over the years, the frame comes in two colors: white and a nice red. Both colors match perfectly with the leather.

  • duoseat by muller van severen

    duoseat by muller van severen. Although Muller Van Severen presented their first furniture in 2011, it wasn’t until 2012 that they designed furniture to sit on. “That year we were appointed to do a solo exhibition at Interieur Kortrijk called Future Primitives”, Fien explains. “It was a pretty big show. We had sixty square meters to fill but realized we had no objects to sit on. Thus we decided to make some”.

  • alu chair by muller van severen

    alu chair by muller van severen. The alu chair was originally designed as an outdoor chair for Anne Holtrop’s Bahrain pavillion for Expo 2015 (World Fair) in Milan. Seeing that it is made of aluminum, it is quite lightweight and suited for both indoor and outdoor use thanks to the treatment with beeswax and a uv protective lacquer. The aluminum trestle of the chair shines bright while the colored back and seating give it that typical Muller Van Severen aesthetic. “Choosing the colors was hard for this chair”, says Fien.



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