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The Northern brand was born in the studios of Northern Lighting, where a team of creatives have been illuminating lives since 2005. The new lifestyle collection includes furniture, lighting and accessories. Inspired by the pale beauty and rough-cut contrasts of the North, the Oslo-based brand is Nordic in spirit, yet global in style.
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  • Northern Spring/Summer 2020

    Northern Spring/Summer 2020. 'Take another look'

  • Mass side table Spring/Summer 2020

    Mass side table Spring/Summer 2020. Mass side table brass, steel, black

  • Row rugs Spring/Summer 2020

    Row rugs Spring/Summer 2020. Row rug series in three colours and three sizes

  • Loud cabinet Spring/Summer 2020

    Loud cabinet Spring/Summer 2020. Loud in black

  • Oaki loung chair Spring/Summer 2020

    Oaki loung chair Spring/Summer 2020. Oaki lounge chair in oak and brown leather

  • Balancer wall lamp Spring/Summer 2020

    Balancer wall lamp Spring/Summer 2020. Blancer wall lamp

  • Snowball lamp Spring/Summer 2020

    Snowball lamp Spring/Summer 2020. Snowball table and floor lamp in brass

  • Butterfly lamp Spring/summer 2020

    Butterfly lamp Spring/summer 2020. Butterfly in perforated steel white, green and brass

  • Heat lamp Spring/Summer 2020

    Heat lamp Spring/Summer 2020. Heat in steel and a small size

  • Granny candle holder

    Granny candle holder. Granny candle holder in brass




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