New Swedish therapy light designed to fight Nordic darkness

In our efforts to support both sustainability and human well-being, Belid has developed a centric light for daylight therapy to be used in health care, commercial, educational and hospitality sectors.
The new therapy lamp will be introduced at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. Welcome to our stand A10:28 for an enlighting expericence.

Lack of natural daylight is a well known medical condition in Sweden as in most countries in the Northern hemisphere, causing millions of people to suffer from tiredness or even clinical depression during the long and dark months of winter. Spending almost 90% of our winters indoors, we don't get enough necessary daylight, resulting in a negative impact on our well-being and performance. According to Arne Lowden, sleep and stress scientist at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, loss of daylight might cause decreasing levels of serotonin and other important hormones involved in mental health, heightening the risk of traffic accidents and workplace injuries.

New technology gives the opportunity to develop lighting that offers wider solutions than just providing light. As an independent Swedish manufacturer of ligthing, Belid has the opportunity to test and implement new innovations that may have a positive impact on human lives as well as the future environment. Our new therapy lamp is designed to provide people with artificial day light to improve well-being and performance. It is a portable design to be used in the health care, educational, commecial and hospitality sectors.

The therapy lamp is mimicking the daylight cycle through the different lighting levels and colour temperatures that we experience during a normal day. The light colour and intensity intervals of the therapy lamp are based on recommendations from Aalborg University as well as the Technical University of Denmark, Department of Photonics Engineering.
During the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair we will launch the therapy lamp in both a wood and a cork version. The lamp is available as either a wall or a table version, where the table version has a multifunctionality of USB and a charging plate.

For more information: Mats Jensert Salomonsson, Sales Director PRO, Phone: +46 708 18 36 02
Welcome to our stand A10:28 to learn more about our therapy lamp.