BAUX Book of Acoustics - ENG

Swedish BAUX designs and produces environmentally friendly acoustic
solutions that are used across the world. Among its clients are Google, Amazon,
Stella McCartney, WeWork, Spotify, Uber, AirBnB, Nike and many more. At the
Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2020, BAUX will launch The Book of Acoustics,
a knowledge bank and handbook full of facts, guidance and rules for architectural

At the BAUX stand, named The Temple of Sound, the brand has created a spiritual place for
learning about acoustics; a calming environment for thoughts and reflections. At the stand,
visitors are invited to study The Book of Acoustics, partake in the latest knowledge about
sound, be inspired by interior design, and listen to guest speakers on the importance of good
acoustics in public spaces.

The Temple of Sound is a playful construction, built out of BAUX’s sustainable
sound absorbers in a combination of materials, namely Wood Wool in strong colours and
Acoustic Pulp in more subdued, neutral tones. The stand has been created by Johan
Ronnestam in collaboration with the design studio Form Us With Love. At Stockholm
Furniture and Light Fair 2019, BAUX was awarded the prize “Best Stand”.

The Book of Acoustics was written in collaboration with a number of experts in the field of
acoustics. The book provides guidance for architects, interior designers and entrepreneurs
on acoustics and functions as a source of knowledge and inspiration regarding noise; an
area relatively unexplored. Through interviews with psychologists, neuroscientists,
acousticians, and designers, the book covers everything from the history of acoustics, how
sound occurs and is controlled, to how acoustic design can increase creativity, productivity
and wellbeing.

– The trend towards activity-based and open office landscapes continues to
grow. Consequently, the demand for knowledge about acoustics among architects and
designers is higher than ever. Sound absorption plays an important role for employees to
remain creative, productive and happy. Here BAUX has a clear role to play. We must
continue to take responsibility to spread knowledge and inspiration and simultaneously
challenge ourselves to create climate-friendly acoustic solutions that meet that sustainable
needs of the future, says Fredrik Franzon, CEO and co-founder of BAUX.

With The Book of Acoustics, BAUX aims to spread knowledge about how sound and noise affect our
senses, our bodies and ultimately our wellbeing. With the right conditions, a well-formed acoustic
environment can contribute to relaxation and recovery, lower blood pressure, reduced levels of
cortisol and adrenaline, increased regeneration of brain cells, improved quality of sleep and more
empathy and patience.

– Acoustics affects everything. Directly it affects the health, indirectly it affects psychology, says
Dr. Naglaa Sami Adbel Aziz Mahmoud, one of the Book’s contributors and professor of design at Ajman
University, United Arab Emirates.

– Today we spend a large part of our lives in the office, the design of which can strongly influence
our health and wellbeing, particularly when it comes to sound and noise. At BAUX we consider
it a key goal to improve the acoustic design of such spaces, and for that reason I am proud to
announce The Book of Acoustics. We hope that this practical guide will be of use to designers,
architects and employers, all of whom share a responsibility for the wellbeing of people in their
workplaces, says Fredrik Franzon.