Baes Studio

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BAES STUDIO was founded in 2018 by designer and architect Rasmus Baes.

The studio engages in a wide range of commercial and residential design development, creating design objects, furniture and interiors.

These aspects of BAES STUDIO’s work are direct, spatial and characterized by a clear aesthetic approach.

BAES STUDIO’s designs embody a clear understanding of form and function, reducing the designs to its very essence and original form, while simultaneously working with prototyping and contemporary industrial methods.

The designs reveal a complex work of relevant objects, challenging the preconception of straightforward design, giving BAES STUDIO it’s distinctive modern elegance.
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  • Fristående Designer/Greenhouse
  • Möbler hemmiljö


Baes Studio

Guldbergsgade 118 ST TH 2200  Köpenhamn Danmark