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When Ann Demeulemeester decided in 2014 to hand on the torch of her legendary fashion label, she made the decision to embark on a new life outside of the city with her artistic soul mate Patrick Robyn. Together they applied themselves to the renovation of a 19th century country house and realized their own design for a floral park and vegetable garden. At the same time, Ann began experimenting with recipes using home-grown produce, and soon plates and cutlery were also needed, with a table and a light to shine upon them. These two quintessential makers, for whom beauty is as important as breathing, began making what they needed in all freedom, in the distinctive language they have developed over the course of their years together.

In her studio Ann began to model clay, because sculptural thinking is part of her DNA. She studied the old techniques for making porcelain and mixing glazes and purchased a professional kiln. In pursuing this visual research, her first plates, bowls, cups, dishes and vases came into being.

From the desire to share these new creations with the world came the idea in 2018 to produce these unique pieces with Serax. It marked the beginning of a respectful collaboration that saw Ann, from her studio in Belgium, having to show the hand workers in China, from where porcelain originates, the right techniques for the realiza- tion of her ideas. In order to teach the painting of the de´grade´ or progressive shading in the series De´, Ann would send films of her own technique to China, along with the right brushes. Beyond any technical procedure, this was a ritual about light and shade that was for once being transmitted from West to East.

The result of these processes come in the form of a variety of Ann Demeulemeester collections, including porcelain tableware, glass, and cutlery. They are in equal parts sculptures and functional items. Laying a table becomes a ritual in which individual decisions can be made in all freedom, for every guest.
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  • Lighting by Ann Demeulemeester - Serax

    Lighting by Ann Demeulemeester - Serax. PORCELAIN
    Ribbons have always played an important role in the Ann Demeulemeester mode. They are both functional and aesthetically interesting. In this lighting collection, it is no different. Very fine porcelain ribbons provide the lamps with their very own design and ensure that the light is dimmed and reflected in an inimitable way.

    Tactility, contrast and poetry make up the most important strengths of this exceptional collection.


Ann Demeulemeester – Serax

Veldkant 21 2550  Kontich Belgien
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