VIA Design

VIA Design & Business School

VIA Design & Business School is located in the Danish town of Herning, and is where up-and-coming furniture designers Louise Bitsch and Julie Strange come from.

Louise Bitsch

Louise is exhibiting an old-fashioned flour mill, which she explains should be seen more as a place for contemplation than as an interior design object.

“But it does work, you can produce your own flour, it just takes a very long time,” she says, smiling. “It is intended to evoke times gone by and has a truly calming effect.”

Julie Strange

Julie is presenting her degree project, a lamp made from a piece of paper. She relates how she spent two and a half months experimenting and finding all the right angles to get the shape she wanted.

“I’ve sat and folded one or two sheets of paper!”

Eleven students in total are exhibiting their work, and both Julia and Louise are extremely pleased with their participation.

“It’s so incredible. Our expectations of meeting other students of our own age and seeing their drive for experimentation have definitely been met. It has all been so inspiring. We’ve also had time to explore beyond the Greenhouse, which was all very exciting. It’s been an entirely positive experience!”