Konstfack Siri


Of the exhibiting design schools, Stockholm’s Konstfack was one that really captured the imagination of visitors. We sounded out current student Siri Svedborg, who is in her third and final year on the school’s program for Interior Architecture & Furniture Design.

“My aim is to work as an interior architect and I’ve got an internship for after the summer. Then we’ll see what happens.”

Tell us about your exhibit.

“It’s a project we’ve had on the go since early last fall, sponsored by Swedish Wood and Tärnsjö Lädergarveri. We’ve worked with Swedish materials and tried to design sustainable and aesthetically interesting objects. We’ve been to a couple of factories and seen the material being made, which has been an inspiration. So there has been a real focus on materials from the very beginning.

“Eight of us have been involved in the project. We’ve done our own thing, but naturally we’ve talked to each other a lot along the way. I designed two of the armchairs.

“It’s fantastic to be here and people have been so positive. Amazing. It’s such a good place to meet people and secure new contacts.”

What about sustainability?

“It’s second nature to us. You can’t really do a project without talking about it. It’s a constant presence at Konstfack. Everything about the items we’ve displayed here has a sustainability aspect, whether it is the time perspective of lasting a long time or being locally produced.”

What is the best thing for you personally about being in the Greenhouse and at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair?

“It’s so cool and inspiring. And I get to showcase something I’ve worked on for so long. It’s a relief and the responses have been great!”