Caspar Reutersward

Caspar Reuterswärd

Caspar Reuterswärd was also nominated for Best Performance, which he describes as a huge honor. His collection comprised furniture made using waste materials from the construction industry.

“Specifically CLT,” he explains. “That’s cross-laminated timber, which has become widely used in the design of high-rise buildings. My material comes from the cutouts for doors and windows. I’ve studied how it can be used and what properties it has.”

The wood waste has been supplied by the manufacturers of the CLT units, who send it down to Caspar for the bargain price of SEK 150 for 100 kilos.

“Around 60,000 cubic meters is incinerated every year, so there is no shortage of material.”

The waste wood gives Caspar’s chairs and tables a charming personality.

Caspar has a degree in Furniture Design from Malmstens Linköping University and the pieces presented in the Greenhouse are the result of a degree project, following a two-year Master’s course in Linköping in Design & Sustainability.

“Now I run my own business in Stockholm and look forward to continuing to work in wood, which is very much the material of the moment. I hope to meet manufacturers who are looking for designers.

 “I think the fair is fantastic – the most enjoyable event we have here in Stockholm!”