Annica Eklund

Creative Director, Bolon

Annica Eklund

Annica Eklund, Creative Director at Bolon, explains why they take part in Stockholm Furniture Fair:

“Stockholm Design Week has always been the time for us to present new products, but this year we’re actually not launching anything new. Instead, we feel our existing products need to be showcased in an exciting new way. Design is of course top of mind, as is our sustainability work concerning wear resistance and cleaning. This is something we want everyone to see.

“The fair is important from a sales perspective – we come into contact with our architects and interior designers, and others who like what we do. It’s good for building our brand.

“The fair and Stockholm as a whole are attracting more and more global interest and I hope we are going to build on that even more in the future. After all, Bolon is an international company.”

You are also a mentor in the Greenhouse. What do you think the outlook is for this next crop of designers?

“I think the challenge is to find sustainable new materials, while at the same time retaining a sense of playfulness and a capacity to think outside the box. You can see that playfulness and curiosity, and the approach they’re taking with them into the industry bodes well for the future.”

Are there any other major challenges facing the industry?

“Making sure you not only talk about sustainability, but also act sustainably and can prove the long-term efficacy of work to improve the global environment. All manufacturers and designers have a responsibility.

“Nature is close to people’s hearts here in Scandinavia. We grow up with clean air and green forests that we want to preserve. Bolon and many other Scandinavian companies are therefore incredibly serious about environmental issues.”