Stockholm-based Studio 6.5.22 comprises upholsterer Elsa Nordgren, designer Felizia Matthews and furniture maker Victor af Wetterstedt. They are one of the handful of Greenhouse participants to be nominated for Best Performance.

“We’re exhibiting a collection that we’ve called 2020, a project that we developed over the course of a few months. 2020 is a bookshelf, a couple of stools and a bench. Everything can be taken apart and recycled.

“As three creatives from different disciplines, we have pooled our various skills. All of us have recently graduated from Malmstens Linköping University.”

You may not have won, but how did it feel to be nominated for Best Performance?

“Fantastic and very encouraging. It was a really motivator.”

What are you hoping for now?

“Some kind of recognition and the opportunity to continue creating together. It feels like a sustainable process to be working closely as furniture makers, designers and upholsterers right from the start.

“We don’t have a specific focus on sustainability, but we certainly think about it a lot when making our material choices. It comes naturally, almost automatically, as it was part of our training.”

Finally: what do you think about Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair in general?

“This year has felt more exciting than ever. Particularly because we get to be involved! And we love the reworking of the halls. Everything feels so fresh and cool.”