Buyer, Torkelson

Kristofer Nilsson

We meet one of Torkelson’s buyers, Kristofer Nilsson, on the furniture company’s stand in Hall B and we begin by asking how he feels the new hall layout has gone.

“Amazingly well. We’ve secured a good spot and have had plenty of people stopping by.”

Torkelson is based in Fagerhult, down in the south of Sweden, and has attended the fair over 40 times since the 1980s.

“We started off in Hall A, then Hall C and now we’re here. Third hall’s a charm, maybe.

“Everything has gone very smoothly for us. We have a pretty good routine in place by now and we know what we’re doing. Despite this being a new hall for us, setting up the stand went exceedingly well.”

What does taking part in Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair mean to you?

“The important thing is to work on our customer base and showcase our new products. To sit down and talk. It’s the event of the year for us. This time around, we have about 50 new products.”


“Yep. In total we have over 600 products in our range.

“For me personally, as a buyer, the fair is a fantastic opportunity to meet suppliers and discuss our products with them – what’s good and less good.”

Are you seeing the question of sustainability and environmental work filtering into the home furniture market?

“Yes. Many of our customers are coming to us with inquiries about organic materials and fabrics, and it’s something we’re putting a great deal of resources into. It’s definitely getting bigger and bigger.”