Remy Mishon

Journalist, House & Garden

Remy Mishon

As usual, the international media have shown enormous interest in Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. One of the almost 100 foreign journalists visiting the fair is Remy Mishon, from the huge British interior design magazine House & Garden. This is her first trip to Stockholm.

“It’s fantastic and it’s always exciting to visit a new city. Stockholm clearly takes design seriously, from what I’ve seen.”

Have you had any previous contact with Scandinavian design?

“Just about everyone has, whether they know it or not!”

And what is your opinion?

“There has been so much to take in over the time I’ve been here and I’ve been completely overwhelmed. Much of what I’ve seen has been eye-opening and I’ve discovered that some of the designers I’ve long admired are actually from Scandinavia.

“I think the big challenges for the industry lie in becoming even more sustainable and making sure that sustainability is something the general public can fully get on board with.”