Creative Director, Philips

Amanda Ames

 As Creative Director, Amanda Ames is once again responsible for the design of the Philips stand, making it five years in a row. 

“This time, we’re trying to explain light in all sorts of different ways, both inside and out. The 450 m² stand shows how in the future light will control our infrastructure. The exhibition comprises a handful of rooms where we suggest how the lighting can be staged. It’s useful knowledge.”

How important is it for Philips to be here at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair?

“We want to be in the mix and it’s exciting to be here. It’s a great platform for meeting customers.”

What do you personally think about the fair?

“It’s an interesting place and a really fun environment to be in.”

What is your approach to sustainability?

“I’d say we’re right at the cutting edge. Just looking at the stand itself, it’s fully collapsible, so it can be sent to all the different fairs. Nothing is wasted or thrown away!”