Roger Nilsson

Family company Möbelform has been making sofas, sofa beds and armchairs in Glimåkra, on the border between Skåne and Småland since 1984, with everything produced in their own factory. Möbelform has now appeared at the fair more than 30 times.

“We exhibit once a year here in Stockholm, presenting ourselves to furniture dealers, interior designers and contractors.”

The halls have been rearranged a little this year and you have ended up in Hall B – are you happy with that?

“Absolutely. It hasn’t been an issue. The customers are finding us.”

The sofa we are sitting on has almost caused a mass invasion of the stand. Roger Nilsson, one of the three brothers who own the company, explains:

“It’s so incredible to be able to present something that people haven’t seen before. This is Etage – a sofa that converts into a loft bed, so we call it a loft sofa instead. It has certainly attracted a great deal of attention. Every time we put it up and down, a crowd builds up in the aisles!”

What do you feel is the best thing about Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair?

“Sitting down and chatting to our customers. They’re often in a positive frame of mind, so we have an enjoyable conversation and a good exchange of ideas and comments that we take away with us.”

Questions about sustainability are also beginning to filter through to the domestic sphere, according to Roger Nilsson.

“We welcome this development and it certainly doesn’t cause us any worries. Because we make everything ourselves here in Sweden, it’s always easy for us to sort out replacements if an armrest breaks or upholstery is indelibly stained.”