Made by choice

Founder, Made by choice

Niclas Ahlström

We grab a quick chat with Niclas Ahlström, one of the three founders of the relatively new Finnish design house Made by Choice.

“We’re here because Sweden is a crucial market for us and this is the biggest design fair in the Nordic region. Made by Choice works with a few Swedish designers, including Thomas Sandell and Matti Klenell, and we have their new products here with us on the stand.

“We have a strong relationship with Sweden and work here quite a lot, so it feels excellent to be here.

“Scandinavian and Finnish design has a really good international reputation. Quite a lot of attention has come our way because we work on sustainability, and our aesthetic is attracting a growing customer base.

“Our international slogan is ‘Sustainable choices’, which answers the question of whether sustainability work is important to us!”