David Ericsson


David Ericsson

On Källemo’s stand we meet designer David Ericsson, who explains why he is here:

“Last year we launched a safari chair for indoor use and now it has a sibling – an outdoor version that we’ve also poured plenty of love into! It’s a hybrid between inside and out.”

Is love important to a design?

“If it’s going to last, yes. Sustainability is all about a long life.”

What does the fair mean to you?

“It’s an arena for the whole industry, where you get to meet colleagues and the people you collaborate with. I feel it’s incredibly important, for producers and designers alike. I’ve also been a teacher, and I meet many former students who are now working as interior architects, so sometimes it’s like one big class reunion.

“My favorite thing is meeting people I don’t get to see very often.”

This is the leading meeting place for Scandinavian design. Where do you think it stands in the world today?

“It seems like we have gained greater influence, while at the same time it appears that more foreign companies are coming here to exhibit. I believe that’s a positive development for us and for the fair generally.”

Finally: what are the industry’s greatest challenges?

“To make proper furniture that is circular and will last for a hundred years or more.”

And what is your role in this?

“To practice what I preach, of course. Then you need a manufacturer to help realize the vision! The key is to be confident in your own abilities.”