Kristina Dam og Paul Knudsen


Paul Knudsen and Kristina Dam

For the first time, the Danish companies Broste Copenhagen and Kristina Dam Studio will be exhibiting together at Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. Why are they keen to appear at the fair?

“Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair is the very best showcase for Nordic furniture and lamp design, and Kristina Dam Studio has the international furniture fairs to thank for much of our global success,” says Brand & Design Director Kristina Dam.

Paul Knudsen, Sales Director at Broste Copenhagen, adds:
“STLF attracts interesting buyers from all over the world, which is what makes the fair an important platform for us. Broste is well established in tableware and interior design, while furniture and lamps – Kristina’s domain – are still a relatively new category for us. Kristina Dam Studio has been part of Broste Copenhagen since 2019, but we market ourselves as separate brands.”

What will you be bringing to SFLF 2021?

“Broste Copenhagen offers a complete new experience each season, and our new products cover almost every room in the home. We’re proud to introduce the results of a new supplier partnership, which expands our lamp offering to include some unique patterns of the highest quality. We’ll also be presenting a new outdoor category that we have high hopes for,” says Paul.

“At Kristina Dam Studio we can’t wait to unveil a new furniture category, which will be our big new venture,” smiles Kristina.

“Kristina actually ordered an extra prototype for her home, which says something about her patience and her confidence in the product,” laughs Paul.

Broste is redesigning its products – why?

“Our desire for a sharp focus on timeless Danish design is what prompted Broste Copenhagen to take a majority stake in the design company Kristina Dam Studio last year and employ Kristina as Brand & Design Director for both brands. In 2021 we’ll get to see the full scope of Kristina Dam’s brand strategy and her ability to design products with a clear lineage, backed up by a whole new team,” says Paul.

How sustainable are Broste’s products?

“Sustainability is an essential part of our DNA at both Broste Copenhagen and Kristina Dam Studio in terms of materials, transport and packaging. For many years now, we’ve worked actively with the Global Compact, not to mention product certification schemes such as GOTS, Oeko-Tex, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, FSC and the Global Recycle standard. In the spring, we’ll be working with resin sheets, made from egg shells and Danish-made concrete, which decompose in nature,” explains Kristina.

Which designers are you working with?

“The few designs not produced internally are created in collaboration with well-known designers such as Maria Berntsen and Aurélien Barbry, as well as talented newcomers. Together, they bring a personal edge that adds eye-catching and unique design stories to our collections,” comments Kristina.

Explain your process

“In spring/summer 2021 we’ll see the fruits of our internal partnership between design and procurement, which I believe has delivered rapid results,” says Kristina.

“And that’s what we need, with almost 450 items being designed internally per season,” adds Paul, who is so impressed that the ideas for almost all the patterns come from Kristina herself.

“It’s a kind of underlying state of mind that is simply a part of me,” says Kristina. “I can’t stop drawing or taking photos, wherever I go. Inspiration is everywhere – you just have to let it all in.”