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Module empowers successful work communities

Module creates a pleasant and peaceful environment for efficient work in hectic surroundings.

The soundproof Module workspace with efficient ventilation and comfortable acoustics and lighting, provides optimal conditions for people to focus without being distracted or disturbing others.

Module is the success enabler of modern work environment. By combining decades of experience in high-quality engineering, implementing work environments and Finnish design Module creates spaces for hard work, collaboration and tranquility.
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  • Module - Finland

  • Office furniture
  • Sound absorbers

  • Module Team

    Module Team. A meeting room with efficient soundproofing for 2-4 participants.

    Module Team provides a peaceful and pleasant setting for making good decisions.

    The soundproofed rest area keeps surrounding office noises outside. Disturbing noises cannot enter the space, and the slanted walls and the vertical pillars create good acoustics. Efficient ventilation ensures that there is fresh air throughout your meeting, and the glare-free indirect lighting makes meetings a pleasant experience.

  • Module Duo

    Module Duo. Peace to focus on tasks that require concentration, working with a partner or video conferencing

    Module Duo is a peaceful meeting space that muffles disturbing outside noises.

    The soundproof Module Duo stops office background noises, and the slanted wall surfaces create an excellent acoustic ambience. Efficient ventilation ensures fresh air and clear thinking. Indirect lighting is glare-free and does not cause distracting reflections on screens.

  • Module Solo

    Module Solo. Privacy and peace to focus on phone conversations

    Module Solo allows you to concentrate even in the most hectic environments.

    Solo’s soundproofing blocks the background noise in open-plan offices and lobby areas, and the slanted wall surfaces create acoustically pleasing working conditions. Efficient ventilation ensures fresh air and clear thinking. Indirect lighting is designed to be glare-free, which makes it an ideal space for working.


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