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Module Empowers Successful Work Communities

Designed to meet the challenges of modern working life, Module Spaces are a prime example of Finnish high-end design expertise. Impressive quiet pods create comfortable and peaceful environments for efficient work.

Work Communities Need Spaces That Support Their Success

Lack of peace and quiet, difficulties concentrating and lack of privacy are common problems in many work environments. The more open the workspace, the more challenging these problems become.

Interruptions significantly reduce people’s efficiency. It takes about 15 minutes to restore focus to the same level as prior to being disturbed.

In an open-plan office, interruptions reduce an employee’s efficiency by about three hours per week on average. That’s 12 hours per month and almost a month per year.

“The reality of work is that it is difficult to focus, with meetings, being constantly busy and endless to-do lists. If, on top of everything else, the acoustics are bad, focusing on the task at hand takes a lot of energy. In the midst of distractions, people may feel that they cannot cope, which results in a sense of inadequacy and reduced work efficiency”, says Esa Vesmanen, the designer of the Module pod collection.

Module Is The Success Enabler Of Modern Work Environment

In modern working life, people need spaces where they can fully concentrate on their job during the critical moments when they need to get the job done – make phone calls, have meetings or carry out important tasks.

Module pods create a pleasant and peaceful environment for efficient work in hectic surroundings.

“We have managed to combine state-of-the-art sound insulation with good acoustics. Efficient ventilation ensures fresh air for clear thinking. Indirect lighting is designed to be pleasant and glare-free”, Vesmanen says and refers to Module’s manufacturer, Muotolevy Tilaratkaisut from Finland, a company with decades of experience in building work environments.

Module Collection – 3 Soundproof Pods

The Module pod collection consists of three spaces of different sizes.

Module Solo provides privacy and peace to focus on phone conversations.

Module Duo allows people to focus on tasks that require concentration, working with a partner or video conferencing.

Module Team is a meeting room with efficient soundproofing for 2-4 participants.

All pods are provided with acoustic ambience, efficient ventilation for fresh air and indirect glare-free lighting. The workspaces are suitable for use wherever work requires privacy and peace and quiet.

For More Information, please contact
Markus Merinen
Marketing Manager
Tel. +358 40 024 6733

Module is the success enabler of modern work environment. By combining decades of experience in high-quality engineering, implementing work environments and Finnish design Module creates spaces for hard work, collaboration and tranquility.