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GRID – Making Space Work

Adaptable. Durable. Elegant.

GRID is an architectural interior system that conquers the challenges of any corporate work space. The adaptability of GRID gives its user the freedom to design a cohesive interior system with multiple functions; a room divider, a counter, a display unit, a bench, a wall, a storage unit or an art installation.

The lightweight GRID modules, available in black or white, are the building blocks of the system. A module can be connected to one or hundreds of other GRID modules to create a well-defined structure with the dimensions you desire. Once the structure is in place, other GRID components such as drawers, corkboards, magazine shelves, whiteboards, upholstered seats or plant boxes can be added, to transform it into whatever you need. When a fresh look is needed, or new inspiration arises, the durable GRID modules can be easily disconnected and re-assembled into new designs. GRID brings functionality and elegance into any space.

GRID System ApS
GRID System ApS is a Danish, family-owned company founded by GRID’s designer Peter J. Lassen. The company was established in 2010. At GRID System ApS, we enjoy collaborating with interior architects and clients from start to end…and beyond. We want your ideas to become reality, whether you have a specified unit in mind or start with a single module. We provide you with sketches and suggestions to show the adaptability of GRID and the multitude of possibilities. In close partnership, we develop the most functional and elegant GRID system for your project.

Designer Peter J. Lassen

“A GRID is more than meets the eye. It’s what you want it to be.” Peter J. Lassen

GRID arose in 2004 from Peter J. Lassen’s ambition to design an interior system with unprecedented adaptability for the user, be it commercial or artistic. An interior system that is a visual expression without compromising functionality, whether utilised in offices, hotels, stores, restaurants, museums, galleries, exhibitions, events or anywhere else.

Peter J. Lassen is also the founder of design icon Montana Furniture, known for its shelving system. Peter J. Lassen has been working in the furniture industry since 1954. During his time as managing director of the furniture producer Fritz Hansen (1955-1978), he cooperated with architects such as Arne Jacobsen, Jørn Utzon, Piet Hein and Verner Panton. Their influence can be seen in the clear lines of his designs.

Art is also an inspiration for Peter J. Lassen, who believes that “Good art never fully reveals itself. There is always another layer, another interpretation – we never become tired of art or nature because there is always another angle.” This inspiration is evident in GRID’s durability and adaptability.

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