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Vi finns i monter C06:51

AIRMAAN is going public with the world first super-inflatable furniture collection.

With this ground breaking innovation, the French company is truly offering furniture 3.0 to the world. Strong, durable, with an astonishing resilience to extreme environmental conditions, it is also compact, lightweight and easy to use. This is the perfect balance between praticity, strength and design.

The brand literally brought a new kind of hybrid furnishing, capable of fitting anywhere, at any moment under any circumstances. Aiming at offering a way for businesses and the professional world to save time, efforts and worries, Co-founders Pierre Lanotte and Johannes Faure-Brac announced they "will look shortly but in due time at a public release".

Very secretive till the fair at Stockholm, the brand had time to test its multi patented products since 2017, work with solid partnerships and found it perfect to tell the world about their innovation here in Sweden: "for us it is a child dream come true to exhibit here, and an honor to be among the best brands and design thinking out there. Thank You Stockholm!" Say Johannes and Pierre.

To make it a party, AIRMAAN will randomly give away a sofa, the first everyone would have owned but themselves. So meet them at booth C06:51 or go check their website to register. Have a great experience and time at the Stockholm fair!
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