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Ackurat Industriplast AB

We are in stand AG:35

Welcome to Ackurat
We works with and for designers and engineers in northern europe, this to find attractive, thrustworthy and functional solutions.
Head office and factory is located in Lammhult in the middle of the Småland district. Arround 30 people works here and another 5 persons continously contributes and learn on our customers sites.
Ackurat today
Goods: 9000 (standard) + 3000 (special) items. They are mostly quite small plastic items but also other products in other material.Services: Design, moulding tool, assembling, surface coating.
Concentrated to northern Europe we today have arround 4000 customers. Today the customers produce products for everything for home, health, leisure to work.
Factories: Approx 70% are produced in Lammhult. Remaining production is done together with colleagues or in low cost regions (this often in agreement with customers).
Purchase: An effective purchase function works with supply of material, components and associated complete products.
We deliver directly from our factory warehouse or from our dealers warehouse if nothing else has been agreed with the customer.
To be where creativity is
Our aim is to be even better to answer upon customers demands on everything from standard to unique solutions.
We also believe that our customers in the future find an even greater advantage in personal knowledge exchange in direct connection to the project start. Therefore we believe that we in the future have more specialists working in field.
Already now we can offer our standard assortment through internet but we believe that the customer would like more possibilities to work with our offer through the net.
Production of both details and tools, in connection with the head office is a must to keep competence also in future.
To work with environment as for example short transports, right material is something that will be more important in future,to keep our flat organisation.
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  • Ackurat - Sverige

  • Interior fittings
  • Children's furniture
  • Miscellaneous
  • Chairs
  • Furniture for schools and nursery
  • Interior
  • Office furniture
  • Sofas and armchairs
  • Sound absorbers
  • Storage furniture
  • Tables
  • Lighting for public space

  • Clixtag™

    Clixtag ™. Clixtag 45/90 ° ™, mounting fitting for mounting 45 alt. 90 degree mitered wood boards in materials such as chipboard, MDF, plywood etc.

  • Godkända stolskopplingar enl.teststandard EN 14703:2007.

    Approved chair links according to test standard EN 14703:2007. .

  • Bio-material.

    Bio-degradeable material.. With or without a base of fossil based mineral.

  • Glider för rörben,träben etc.

    Glides for tube legs,wooden legs etc..

  • Glider för medstativ.

    Glides for sledge bases..

  • Ställben för möbler etc.

    Adjusters for furniture legs etc..

  • Ställbara fötter.

    Adjustable feets..

  • Hjul och castors.

    Wheels and castors..

  • Kopplingsdetaljer.

    Assembelling parts..

  • Skyddshuvar för skruvar etc.

    Caps for screw heads etc..

Ackurat Industriplast AB

Värnamovägen 42 363 44  Lammhult Sverige
+46 472 26 93 00