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Moving in hours

Hall A, B, C and the Gallery
3-5 February, 07:00-20:00
6 February, 07:00-16:00
(you can work in your own stand until 22:00 on February 6, the aisles must remain free from 16:00)

4-5 February 07:00 - 20:00   
6 February  07:00 - 16:00
(you can work in your own stand until 22:00 on February 6, the aisles must remain free from 16:00)


Things to consider when moving in

During moving in hours all personnel working in the stand must have a work pass. You can pick up your work pass from the information desk at the main entrance, the gate cottage or the gate between Hall B and C.

When the moving in period starts, you have access to the halls from morning to night to bring in your goods and to prepare the stand. See moving in hours.

You move in via the transport entrances into Hall A, B and C. Re-park your vehicle as soon as possible in designated areas so you don’t stand in the way for the next person who wants to unload.

The stand must be taken in possession no later than 24 hours before the event opens, and be prepared no later than 12 hours before.

If you need to get in before the official moving hours or remain in the booth longer, you can apply for extended hours here.

During move in it’s forbidden to consume alcohol on the premises.

Before opening

On the last official moving in day before the event opens, all freight by truck must be completed before 16:00. Mark your packaging with lables that are available at the Service Center. After 16:00 Stockholm International Fairs will take away the packaging and put out runners. It is possible to remain in the stand and continue your preparations until halls is closed. Just make sure the aisles are free of goods.

During the event

During the event larger goods can be taken to the stand until one hour before the event opens. At other times, you can only take smaller things.

Electricity to the stands is turned on hour before the event starts and turned off one hour after the event closes. If you need electricity for a longer time, you must order at least four weeks in advance at Event Service.