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Event Planner

Event Planner is Stockholmsmässans digital planning tool for you who have registered as an exhibitor at Stockholmsmässan. This guide will help you to get an overview of the way to your event, so you do not miss anything and avoid the hassles or costly changes up close to the event. The guide describes only a recommended path forward for the event, but as usual it is best to get things started as early as possible. All exhibitors are of course different, with different conditions and ways to prepare for an event, depending on experience, budget, offer, etc.

We have gathered all of the relevant information for before and during the event, including checklists, a stand overview and activities. You can submit all of your orders and applications via Event Planner. The system can also send invitations to customers, market you on our website and much more.

Event Planner is divided in different stages, for each stage the information in Important things changes. Visit Event Planner several times from now until the event so you don’t miss anything that will save you time and money.

Log in
Everyone who is registered as a contact person for an exhibiting company can log in to Event Planner.  Your email address is your username and you choose your own password. Event Planner is linked to your stand number so everyone who log in from the same company sees the same stand information.

Planning and design - 19 sep - 8 nov
Review and ordering - 9 nov – 12 jan
Final sprint - 13 jan – 2 feb
Moving in - 3 feb – 6 feb
During the event - 7 feb – 11 feb
After the event - 12 feb – 31 maj 2017

If you have any questions about the tool, please don't hesitate to contact Event Service, or give them a call +46 8 749 44 44

Good luck with your planning!

Event Planner