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Digital Stand and FairMate Lead Tracking

Digital Stand - New opportunities
With the Digital Stand you get an efficient tool which secures that visitors as well as journalists gets to know and take part of your company’s information before, during and after the event.

Do not miss the opportunity to showcase your business online! In addition to information about your business - you also have the opportunity to put your company's exhibition offers and the activities you offer during the event. All the events and activities posted by the exhibitors are gathered on the event's website and app. Your stand is now easier to find for visitors who download our app or visit our website.

What's included in the digital stand:
• Company name and contact information.

• Your stands number becomes visible, provided with a link of a map of the building showing our visitors where your stand will be and how they can locate you.

• Your various brands will be viewable and searchable, which will increase your company’s exposure and business opportunities. You can also submit and make yourself searchable by adding different product categories connected to your brand - by doing so our visitors can find you by searching within categories on our webpages.

• Opportunity to submit different seminars and activities under our activity-program on the fairs webpage, as well as unique fair offers that you get to promote throughout the event.

• You get to submit and publish several inspiring movies, pictures and press releases connected to your company.

FairMate Lead Tracking - Effective monitoring
The follow-up of your participation is important and often time-consuming. With FairMate Lead Tracking license, you’ll get an easy overview of your visitors at the stand by scanning their badges with your mobile and directly selecting the follow-up each visitor will get. You can easily pull out a report whenever you want. You do not need business cards from your visitors and notes on paper and therefore can focus on what's important during the event - the meeting place. Since the license is an app every person in the stand can have their own. The app for FairMate Lead Tracking works on iOS 6.1 and Android 4.0 and higher phones and tablets.

Digital Stand and FairMate Lead Tracking including a license is 1590 SEK (excluding VAT)

If you want to order extra licenses the price is SEK395 for each.

Note that there is one license per smartphone, and that license will be invoiced whether you use the code or not so don’t buy more licenses than you need. You can easily buy more if necessary.

To update your information for the Digital Stand or order a license for FairMate Lead Tracking, log in to Event Planner


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